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In another lifetime, Fortuna Bravado director Jamie Davison was a CPA in Queensland, but not as you know it. As he tends to do, Jamie found an unconventional career path as director and financial controller for several major real estate groups, following a personal passion for property investment.

The GFC drove Jamie to WA where he spent two years as Director and Licensee at Blackburne Property Group with 110 staff across three states.

His next move was again unconventional (for anyone under retirement age). In 18 months travelling Australia in a caravan Jamie built up the concept that would become Fortuna Bravado. This name translates to ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ a statement that capture Jamie’s willingness to embrace new technologies and find a better way for his clients.

The core concept driving the business is based on his priorities of providing sector-leading bookkeeping services and achieving genuine value and efficiency for his clients with cloud-based solutions like Xero. Jamie’s personal goal was to build a business he could run from anywhere and achieve the freedom to employ his wife-to-be and enjoy his family when the time comes.

Jamie’s approach to business is achieving efficiencies through his willingness to adopt technology early and apply their advantages intelligently to his business, for the benefit of his clients.

In a few short years Jamie’s vision of providing fast and efficient bookkeeping services that add genuine value to Perth businesses has become a growing reality. Jamie and his clients enjoy accelerated efficiencies, increased access to financial data and time and money savings across the board.

Now married to Perth girl Rebecca, Jamie is looking forward to building his business with her by his side and enjoying his passion for the outdoors and travel.

Jamie doesn’t do conservative, Jamie does progressive.


  • Embracing technology mean smarter solutions.
  • Bookkeeping by a Certified Practicing Accountant.
  • Access your accounts anytime, from anywhere.
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